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What We Do

Individual Services

Smartraids is the first Technical Support Provider in Sri Lanka to offer a plethora of technical services for the public. Individuals hindered by unscheduled system breakdowns, technical failures in hardware and are victims of cyber threats, and other malicious software can find solutions to evade such consequences with Smartraids.

Here are some of the most out-of-the-box services we offer to data-driven and technology-dependent individuals in Sri Lanka

Remote Support

With modernised computer technology, we have succeeded in providing modernised services with a unique concept trending in the technical support industry. Remote Support Services are the newly-fangled service delivery in technical support in Sri Lanka, and Smartraids is the first support service provider to offer Remote Technical Support for individuals in Sri Lanka. We provide remote technical assistance to individuals from any point on the island.

With our 24/7 digital presence, we are sure to optimise the application-based operational processes by maintaining your applications, cloud-based data repositories, computer systems and other technology networks. You can overcome all software issues with your computer via a short phone call!

We offer remote tech support to walkthrough individuals on how to fix their smart devices and share informative videos and guides to help find root causes of the malfunctions of computers, smart mobiles and SaaS products. We can help you fix Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Nokia, XIAOMI and smart devices of other brands.

Call us and connect with our susceptible remote service portals if your printer fails during critical activities. We offer remote printer diagnosing and troubleshooting services to Laser, 3D, Home Inkjet, LED, Solid Ink, Multifunction and other printers models. Also, we are not locked into a single printer OEM, and we help you fix HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Kyocera, Brother and other printer brands.

Hardware support

Smartraids is the foremost technical support provider in Sri Lanka to offer Hardware support to individuals online, offline or over the phone! We provide hardware diagnosing, repairing, overhauling, installing, configuring and deploying services. Let us solve your hardware faults with our expertise. There is no need for you to carry your faulty hardware to awkward places anymore; let Smartraids do the painstaking hardware-related maintenance for you. 

Let our responsive technoid technician team visit your house or office to fix your hardware issues for you. We make house calls to dispatch a team of tech-savvy technicians to your location within a 30-minute window to provide technical assistance in fixing an array of hardware malfunctions, failures and breakdowns.

Suppose you are in a crunch because of your hardware crashes. In that case, we offer online, over the phone and in-house services to help you fix the issue and educate you on what is the issue, why it happened and how you can overcome and prevail over that issue occurring again. We fix in-house CCTV cameras, scanners, alarm systems, phones, tablets, iPods and computers for both MAC and Windows operating systems.

You are probably one of the billion users who rely on printers and other technology-based electrical appliances. Whether you are preparing reports, working from home, or using your printer to become creative in your leisure time, not being able to equip your printer properly can be very daunting. Connect with Smartraids to fix all hardware issues in your printer and ensure a hassle-free printer experience.

Personal IT Adviser

Our individual technical support services do not stop by diagnosing and fixing hardware and software issues; we take a step further by providing comprehensive IT advice for all our individual clients to meet their technological interests on time. Smartraids is the first company in Sri Lanka to provide on-demand personal tech advising to optimise, safeguard and utilise your hardware, software and networking systems confidently. So this time, you do not have to wait for a virus attack, system breakdown, or laggard applications; you can connect with us and make sure you are ahead of the game.

Making lucrative investments in your smart devices is a crucial task; thus, making sure that you are not investing in negligible technology devices is very important, especially when the prices of electrical devices are skyrocketing. We are ready to tailor transparent smart device budget plans to reassure that your systems are competently housing and utilising the latest smart devices.

Let us reveal the most useful printer to fit your printing requirements, sustainment needs and financial viability. You can now print, scan, copy or fax your documents with a printer that fits your unique necessities, for we are ready to choose pleasingly budget-friendly, high-quality printing products. Whether it is printing a report, photo books, albums, memoirs or more, you can now rely on us to assist you in making the right investment.

Our computer literates can guide you in buying all software, hardware and networking devices and software needed for on-prem and cloud-driven computer systems and networks. Ramp up your systems with cost-effective, exploitable, and long-lasting technological devices, system software, applications, security systems and data storage technologies with our exhaustive IT guidance programs.

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