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What We Do

Corporate and SME Services

Smartraids is a renowned company to meet all your IT requirements and related services under a single roof, starting from SME server installation, expansive network calibration to outsourcing comprehensive IT support services. We offer an array of online, offline, over the phone, in-person services for all types of businesses in Sri Lanka to ensure that your computers, software and network systems are up and running with no interruption whatsoever.

Here are some of the most outstanding Corporate and SME Services that our company offers.

Remote Support

The premium remote services offered by Smartraids neglects our presence at your office or yours at our humble establishment. We are more than happy to guide you to self-reliantly solve your hardware and software problems and educate you avoid probable detriments in the future.

Are you wondering why your in-house technology systems are creating more problems than solving your organisation’s problems? Access our remote service portal to investigate the root causes for your doubtful data security events, unexpected rises in technology-related costs, and all other tech issues that slow down your day-to-day business operations.

Hardware Technician

You can also connect with Smartraids to share your concerns about your faulty, laggard or stressful hardw are problems. We will be more than happy to connect with you online, over the phone or visit your company to fix your hardware for you.

We offer 24/7 hardware technical issue mitigating services where we free up your disk space, install and troubleshoot networks, diagnose and detect hardware maintenance and sustainment needs and more.

Server support

Ensuring that your server is healthy and ready to be up and running is a responsibility that Smartraids is willing to take on your behalf. A faulty server is like a corrupted nervous system; when your data flows are not streamlining, your company can face suboptimal operational standards, costly data recovery strategies and many other disasters. Fortunately, Smartraids ensure that your company does not meet such a fate.

Many organisations rely on over-budgeting, unjust and unprofessional tech service providers to update the operating systems of their core systems. We can guide your go-to tech guy or visit you to update your outdated operating systems and integrate your networks fluidly without any interruption in a few minutes.

Smartraids accommodates a full-time IT team that is on tiptoes to rush into your organisation and fix your server’s issues without letting your organisation operations be affected by prolonged system downtimes. We operate with a 24/7 turnaround, so we are ready to meet server requirements like security protection, computer optimisation, data backup and more anytime, anywhere.

Network Support

Apart from ensuring that your company is facilitated by a solid network server, we also ensure that your core systems house an appropriate router and resilient firewall in place. We offer this service to ensure that your system components are closely knitted and have seamless interoperability, while the firewall will ensure data privatisation and security at all times.

Let our Network Solution Practitioners help you invest your critical resources on the best network to sustain your IT networks in a risk-free, agile and event-driven manner. We are capable of helping you plan out the budgetary requirements, meet the best network hardware and software vendors and do the needful to orient, configure and optimise an IT network system that suits your data requirements.

Let us configure your network system with the best data security protocols, firewalls, wireless access points, routers, switches and more. If your existing IT network infrastructure is substandard, we can guide your company on how to re-configure your networks to meet diamond standards in functionality, operability, and security.


Smartraids also offers outsourcing services that help you control your IT Costs, reduce specialised labour costs and not spend a lot of time training an in-house IT department.

We will assign the required workforce with the skill and experience to meet your IT demand and help your company to agilely implement and utilise technology while mainly staying focused on the critical core operations of your business.

Short Projects

Do you think your computer system requires immediate technical attention for the next few months? Or do you wish to investigate whether Smartraids is the right choice for you? Connect with our team to book our services for a short term project and learn how our expertise, responsiveness and skills can facilitate your company enormously.

We are ready to offer IT tech specialists and domain experts to keep a close eye on your company’s technical issues and ensure that you are not handicapped by random cyberattacks, hardware failures, network issues or laggard connection problems.

IT Mentor

Smartraids is the first in the Technical Service Industry of Sri Lanka to enable high-impact mentoring to help your organisation harness new-age technologies to empower all your organisational departments end-to-end. Let us guide your organisation to leverage the most-fitting technology to align with your organisation’s technological demands and operational standards appropriately.

We are ready to offer IT tech specialists and domain experts to keep a close eye on your company’s technical issues and ensure that you are not handicapped by random cyberattacks, hardware failures, network issues or laggard connection problems.

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Contact Smartraids today to subscribe to a pre-tailored or customised IT support package to overcome your company’s IT hassles within a click! Make a user account on our website and connect with us to activate your package and bid adieu to your technological setbacks today!